GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon

$121 $242

Bring SPACE DOWN TO EARTH by incorporating the element of levitation into your home decor with our state of the art GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon.

With cutting-edge technology, the Levitating Moon Lamp gently spins whilst mesmerisingly floating 2cm above the base. The three carefully selected, tranquil light settings create calming and peaceful atmospheres whilst being powered through the air using magnetic induction.You will also discover a highly rugged surface that feels like it’s fallen straight from the heavens, glowing silently as you work, rest, or play.


We can RESET THE MIND by taking a brief moment of meditation or by shifting our attention to a single object. The GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon acts as that momentary interruption to help calm the mind and regain ones focus. 


Setting up your Levitating Moon is a simple and easy process. With our functional design, there’s no need to set it up every time you want to turn it on. The moon can be left levitating around 24/7, simply turn the lights on/off with the touch sensitive power button as you please.


While the GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon would undoubtedly make any home or office space that little bit more special, it would also make an amazing gift for a loved one. The possibilities and endless and satisfaction is guaranteed.


GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon is economical and consumes very little power. Our LED lights built into the moon consume significantly less electricity than other conventional lights.


▫️ GALAXY GLOW UP™ Levitating Moon
▫️ Dark Wood Stand
▫️ Power Cable
▫️ Instruction Manual

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